Time Capsule

1950’s Time Capsule Discovered in Crandall Building

We recently discovered a time capsule that had been bricked into the wall here by  First Federal Savings and Loan’s president Mr. Matt Dye in 1959 on the occasion of their grand opening. They had hoped the box would be opened in the year 2000 but the bank moved in the 70’s and the box was forgotten until 2012.

Included in the time capsule were 12 letters from prominent business men, in 1959, with their predictions of what they thought Salt Lake City would be like in the year 2000.  Older members of our community will remember these men, such as Mr. E.M. Naughton of Utah Power and Light, Mr. W. T. Nightingale of Mountain Fuel Supply, President A. Ray Olpin of the University of Utah, Mr. Gus Backman of the SLC chamber of commerce, Mr. Anton Peterson of the Newspaper Agency Corp., Mr. Arthur Kelly vice president of Western Airlines and more.

Each one of these 2 page letters has a long list of their vision of our day, 53 years later. Mr. Kelly, for example, predicted that mail and cargo would be transported to remote areas of Utah via radio controlled missiles and rockets. Mr. Peterson accurately predicted that newspapers would be sent right to the subscribers home by means of electronic transmission. And President Olpin predicted that television receivers in the form of wall panels would be in all classrooms and in virtually every room of individual homes with educational programs available at all hours of the day with the flip of a switch.

There were predictions of electric automobiles and moving sidewalks and climate controlled clothing along with some fear of what the future might be like in the atomic age.

You can enjoy a few of these letters by clicking on the author’s names below.

Description of Contents

Anton F. Peterson – President of the Salt Lake Tribune

Albert Ray Olpin – President of the University of Utah

Elias J. Strong – Utah Automobile Dealers Association

Arthur F. Kelly – Western Airlines

W.T. Nightingale – Mountain Fuel Supply Company

Stanford P. Darger – Retail Merchants’ Bureau

Sherman P. Lloyd – UT Retail Grocers

Marion C. Nelson – Gillham Advertising

M.L. Dye – First Federal Savings and Loan

Harold D. Glazier – Home Builders Associciation

Gus P. Backman – Salt Lake City Chamber of Commerce

E.M. Naughton – Utah Power and Light Company

$50 Savings Account

In addition to the predictions, the time capsule also included a savings account with $50 in it, to be given to the first baby born in Utah in the year 2000. We tracked that baby down and met 12-year-old Brinlee Millenia Shepard of South Jordan. Washington Federal Savings presented Brinlee with a $1000.00 savings account on February 29, 2012 at the Crandall Building.

From left to right:
Washington Federal Savings presenting Brinlee with a $1000.00 savings account
Brinlee and her family with Robert Crandall at the Crandall Building
Brinlee with 1959 savings account passbook from First Federal Savings and Loan and the new Washington Federal Savings account

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